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Diwali Paintings, Drawing Pictures, Scene, Diwali Sketch for Kids 2018

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These are the best you can draw and colour this Diwali in your school and at home. We are providing you all different type of drawing pictures that you can draw in your colour book this Deepavali. In the first section we have included some colourful images, then we have provided you black and white diwali drawing pictures so that you can take the idea from colourful pictures and fill accordingly into the black and white diwali drawing pictures.

Diwali images for drawing and paintings

You can fill any colour of your choice into these beautiful drawings. There is no limitation that you have to match the colour from the above given picture, you can pick any colour of your choice and then colour the black and white deepavali drawing photos. It's really love this activity in school and Kindergarten, because every student take interest in drawings and paintings of festival images. If you are a teacher then you should definitely organised drawing and painting activity in your classroom so that kids enjoy this Deepavali with different varieties of diwali pictures.

Diwali drawing competition pictures

Diwali drawing competition pictures are mostly used by student and teachers in schools for the competition purpose. Many schools organised drawing competition diwali and other festival so that kids learn about the event through drawing and colouring.
How to draw diwali festival on paper
If you don't know how to draw Diwali festival on paper then don't worry your teacher will definitely help you in making diwali outline and then you can easily colour that picture using your own selected colours. You can also draw Diwali scene step by step by following some easy steps of dot picture drawing. Kids learn a lot while drawing different pictures related to festival and religion.
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