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Durga Visarjan 2018 {{Best*}} Images, Videos & Mamata Statement

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Durga Visarjan(immersion/ nimajjan) is also a part of navratri Puja or Durga Puja in which statues of maa Durga are emerged into sea and ocean. This year durga Visarjan 2018 will be held on september 30th. Generally we all know that Durga Puja statue immersion is performed on vijayadashmi day. There is no certain fixed procedure how to perform durga Visarjan, in each and every state people take part in this event in large numbers. Goddess Durga Idol is merged into water only after performing udwasan Puja, which is very compulsory before visarjan. Durga puja visarjan dhak is performed with full energy and enthusiasm that cannot be seen in any other festival in India.

Durga puja visarjan 2018 

Kolkata High Court had already given it's opinion durga Visarjan during dussehra. High Court clearly said that immersion of goddess Durga idols will not be stopped due to Muharram festival which is on october 1st. But still Mamata Banerjee is trying to convince everyone that her decision is correct and no one should say or what to do. But still everyone have to follow Calcutta High Court’s order allowing immersion of goddess Durga idols, and no one can go against the decision of high court. This decision was taken during a meeting between top officials of the state. The final decision was taken at all the Puja organisers should take permission of the police one day before the immersion of Durga idols on October 1. This meeting was also attended by some senior police offices and high ranking ministers including the state Director General of Police (DGP).

Durga puja visarjan dance

In many parts of India like maharashtra, gujarat and Bengal- the Durga Puja idol Visarjan is the most interesting and eye catching event for everyone because this is performed with lots of celebration durga Puja Visarjan dance on streets. We hope that you also enjoy this durga Puja Visarjan and also take part in this great durga Maa festival.
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Restriction on Durga visarjan on Vijaya Dashami - Mamata Banerjee
There was a rumour that West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had band Visarjan of maa durga idol on vijaydasmi day because of Muharram, which is a Muslim festival. 
It is not clear that whether kolkata CM mamata Banerjee had said this or not but when we asked her about this talk, we found that she is denying from her previous statement. She is also saying that she had never commented on this topic, this is some other opposing party plan to make her look guilty.
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