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{{Best*}} Dandiya Dress & Navratri Garba Dance, Songs 2019

Festival spirit is in the air and it cannot be complete without garba and dandiya dance beats. Dandiya is basically a Gujarati event but it is now organised and celebrated in many states of India. Women wear different kind of beautiful dandiya dress and men also wear ritual garba clothes. During Navratri Dandiya everyone enjoy navratri Garba dance with their friends and family. Different kinds of competitions and prize ceremony are also organised for those who win best garba dance this dandiya night. Dandiya celebration is generally organised in big open area or large halls so that everyone could get enough space for dancing to the traditional Garba song from which you cannot stop yourself from shaking a leg. Dandiya and garba night are generally common during Navratri because many people take participate in these kind of navratri celebration before dussehra.

Dandiya dance

Dandiya Raas
Best Dandiya Dresses to Impress this Navratri
Dandiya dress for girl

Navratri garba dance

Dandiya Folk Dances of Gujarat It is very simple dance and is performed by a group who move in circles to measure steps, marking time by sticks called dandia. Dandiya dance steps are really important to learn for dancing in dandiya nights so practice well before attending dandiya nights.
dandiya dress for boy

Many lady during Dandiya wear vibrant lehengas with mirror work and rustic jewellery which are considered as a must on the list of garba enthusiasts. Though Gujaratis and other communities are very much excited for this big event, still they all prefer to keep it simple. They fast on all nine days, or on first or last day of Navratri. A `ghat sthapana' or `garba sthapna' (a traditional ritual involving an earthern pot) is done by the family's eldest member for nine days and simple food is eaten.

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Dandiya Raas is the most popular dance of not only Gujarat but also all the states throughout India. Dandiya raas has some special steps that are very easy to learn and practice on gujarati garba songs, you can easily learn these dandiya steps for dandiya dance. There are also different choices for dandiya songs which are available online with big collection of dandiya songs list which you can download for free and play in your dandiya night garba Night 2019Download Festival Dandiya Songs, Navratri Songs, Navratri Orignal dandiya dance Songs, Garba Dandiya Songs list and Garba Dandiya Songs Marathi Mp3 Songs,3gp Mp4 HD Video Songs.
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